Curb Appeal: Make Your Small Business Stand out against Big Name Competition

Curb Appeal Make Your Small Business Stand out against Big Name CompetitionRunning a small business isn’t easy, but it can be especially challenging if a big name competitor moves in next door. What can you do to make your business stand out and convert loyal customers from the other brand into new enthusiasts for your company? We can’t tell you how to run your business, but we can provide advice on how to make your building look appealing to potential customers.

Here are some curb appeal tips for small businesses to draw in much-needed traffic.

Keep It Clean

A clean exterior will do wonders for your curb appeal, no matter how old the building looks as a whole. If there is trash in the parking lot and dirt on the siding, people may think you are out of business entirely. You want to show everyone that you care about your property just as much as you care about your customers. Make sure your trash cans are emptied regularly, and take pride in the way your building is maintained. If the big store next door has overfilled waste bins and mud-stained concrete, customers may quickly run over to your store instead.

Repaint or Resurface Your Parking Lot

Parking lot resurfacing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost your curb appeal. If your pavement is still in good condition, you may only need to repaint it. The fresh coat of paint will show customers that you are investing in your business – right here, right now. This will make them more confident about the success of your company and show them that other customers want what you have to offer. By making yourself look busy and successful, you will become busy and successful – period.

Repaint Your Exterior

A fresh coat of paint could do your building a lot of good. Use this as an opportunity to update the look of your exterior and modernize your business as a whole. If the building next door has bright colors that naturally attract people, use contrasting colors to draw equal attention to your building. Do what you can to make sure you DON’T blend in with everyone else. Even something as simple as a new trim color could make a world of difference for your curb appeal.

Maintain Your Landscaping

Your bushes, trees, flowers, grass, and more say a lot about your small business. If you do not want the hassle of landscaping maintenance, use plants that do not need to be pruned and trimmed down. If you don’t mind a little extra care, you can plant new flowers seasonally to keep your business looking its best. Make sure that your plants are all well cared for so your building doesn’t look like it’s been forgotten.

Focus on your curb appeal, and you should be able to hold up against the big names. Customers will appreciate the awesome services you have to offer. You just have to get them in the door.

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