Improve Your Parking Lot for Disabled Guests

Improve Your Parking Lot for Disabled GuestsDisabled guests are just as important to your business as everyone else, and they require special accommodations to make their experience pleasant from start to finish. There are a number of interior modifications you can make to your building for disabled visitors, but those won’t matter if they never make it into the door. Start with your parking lot and work your way in so guests have a great impression from the start.

Here are some simple ways to improve your parking lot for disabled guests.

Put New Paint on Your Disabled Parking Spots

The disabled areas of your parking lot should be clearly indicated with fresh, vibrant paint that everyone can see. This will help disabled guests find their way to their parking spaces, and it will prevent other people from accidentally stealing those spots from those in need. You may want to turn this into total parking lot repainting so all of your guests know where to go. Team Cam can easily transform your building’s exterior so you make a powerful impression on people passing by.

Level out Your Parking Lot

Guests with wheelchairs, walkers, motorized scooters, or other wheeled assistance equipment may have trouble getting over cracks and bumps in your parking lot. There should be a smooth, cohesive surface for these people to move on. Most parking lots have to be resurfaced every few years anyway, followed by a fresh coat of paint. Invest in this service on a regular basis to keep your disabled guests happy and mobile around your business.

Create Wide Walkways and Crosswalks

The crosswalks around your parking lot should be big enough for a wheelchair to fit on. Narrow paths indicate that a certain area is only designed for foot traffic, even if that’s not the case. Rather than confining disabled guests to one specific zone, you should make the entire parking lot disabled friendly. The leveling and painting mentioned above will help you do just that, and the wide walkways can seal the deal.

Add Easy-Access Ramps

While you can get away with a minimal number of ramps in your parking lot, you may want to add more so your disabled guests can get around. These ramps are best suited for curbs and steps that wheelchairs cannot get up easily. If your ramps are steep, chipped, or too narrow for most people to get around on, you may want to have them resurfaced or redesigned entirely. Make sure you put them near disabled parking spots and the front door of your business because these are the areas that people will be traveling through most.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes…

Not sure if your parking lot is disabled friendly? Put it to the test! Get a wheelchair, a walker, a set of crutches, or whatever else you want and move through your parking lot just like your guests would. If there is anything particularly frustrating about your experience, you can make sure that gets corrected before your guests have something to say about it.

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