Why Is Sealcoating Important?

You have probably made a substantial investment in your pavement, whether the material you’ve used is asphalt or concrete. Most commercial property owners choose asphalt for paving their driveways, roadways, and parking lots. Though this material is of good quality and is durable, it will still suffer from exposure to extreme heat in summer and extreme cold in winter.

As a result, cracks and crevices will appear due to expansion and contraction. If not repaired and sealed, this will shorten the lifetime of the asphalt. This is the main reason why sealcoating is the most important aspect of maintaining driveways, roadways and parking lots.

By sealcoating:

  • You will slow down the damage caused by oxidation
  • You will improve the visual appearance of your pavement
  • Your pavement will be safer to walk on and comfortable to drive on, because it won’t have cracks and holes.

Important Facts About Sealcoating

First of all, sealcoating is not a DIY project, even if the area to be seal coated is small and relatively easy to manage. If you want good results, please bear in mind that only a professional who is well-versed in sealcoating will provide a quality result, without taking too much time or wasting sealing material.

Secondly, sealcoating needs to be done regularly. Therefore, make it a habit to inspect your property every few months, at the beginning and end of every season.  Sealcoating professionals can perform this inspection and advise whether your pavement or parking lot needs sealing.

Your paved surface will see the following benefits from sealcoating:

1. Your parking lot will be protected from UV rays from the sun and will not suffer from rapid oxidation.
2. Your property will create a great first impression to tenants and visitors.
3. Sealcoating prevents water penetration, which can eat away the bottom layer of your driveway or parking lot.
4. It’s more cost effective to sealcoat as opposed to repairing and replacing when damage has already occurred.
5. It makes other treatment or repair methods more durable and effective. For instance, sealcoating after repairing a pothole will lower the likelihood of another pothole appearing.
6. You’ll provide protection against chemical penetration from oils or cleaning products.

Note that when using a professional sealcoating contractor like Team Cam, you will get the benefits of professional-grade sealers. If you do the sealing yourself, you will only have access to consumer grade sealing products, which may not be as effective or durable.

To get a fast sealcoating estimate, call Team Cam today!

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