Get Moving On Your Winter Projects

Dark storm clouds over the city

Winter is the time for bears and other lucky animals to hibernate. But busy property managers do not have the luxury of long naps during the winter months. There’s much to be done. Along with keeping up with your essential day-to-day tasks, the colder days are also an optimal time to tackle some of the necessary interior updates every building needs.

Plan Ahead

It’s always best to make a yearly strategy for your building improvements. You can then budget accordingly as well as contract with the best vendors. Choose a contractor like Team Cam that will provide itemized budget estimates and timelines as well as detailed plans and blueprints. Review the prospective vendor’s portfolio of similar work. Make an informed choice and schedule the project with time to spare. This will cut down on surprises and give your tenants plenty of notice.

But what are the best projects to tackle? Read on!

Stay Inside!

It may be cold and wet outside, but inside is where it’s at! Winter is the perfect time to update your buildings’ interior with a fresh coat of paint.

Paint can seem like a simple way to enhance a building but it takes an expert to do it right. No two walls are alike. No two fixtures, trims, finishes, etc. are alike. Each surface needs a certain paint solution. Team Cam are experts at providing the right technique for the right surface. Your building will look brand new when the work is done.

Look Down

As you battle the snow and slush on your sidewalks outside, make sure to address the floors inside. If it’s time to restore the flooring in common areas or in tenant spaces, Team Cam offers extensive flooring solutions including dust control applications, corrosion control, epoxy flooring and polishing, self-leveling applications, secondary containment and more. If you need to replace your floors all together, Team Cam can guide you to make the right choices for your property, including options for customization or new materials.

That Long List of Repairs

You take pride in your property but the number of needed repairs both small and large can be overwhelming. The winter months are a great time to tackle those nagging little projects. Take a walk around your property and start a list. Here are some ideas to start:

  • Repair drywall
  • Repair fixtures and furnishings
  • Refresh or repair interior signage
  • Repair electrical systems
  • Repair plumbing
  • Repair HVAC systems

After you’ve got your list finalized, contract with a vendor like Team Cam that can do the work for you. There’s no need to find multiple sub-contractors. Team Cam’s combination of experience, knowledge and customer service makes them the right choice for every project.

What Else?

Of course, there’s always those improvement projects that you’ve always wanted to do. Winter is a great time to accomplish construction build-outs and enhancements that will take your building to the next level. Check out our blog on tenant improvements for tips and tricks on how to handle that process. No matter what your improvement plans are, Team Cam will provide a detailed plan to complete the project under budget and in a timely manner.

Wake Up!
Winter is no time to hibernate. With a little bit of planning and help from an expert partner, you can spend the colder months strategically maximizing the benefits of interior property improvements and upgrades.

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