Masonry RestorationsAt Team Cam, we take building restorations very seriously. Offering a wide range of masonry restorations, we ensure that your Baltimore property is taken care of. We offer the following masonry restorations, repairs and maintenance services for your property.

  • Cracking: Often caused by foundation problems, cracks suffered by stucco, stone and bricks are fairly common. They can also be caused by settlement, flaw in design, deterioration or other factors and can lead to instability if not corrected immediately. Water leakage is the best problem associated with cracking. We offer synthetic and traditional products to prevent and correct cracking in the exteriors.
  • Leaning structures: Over time, chimneys, fences, brick columns etc are known to settle and if left unchecked, collapse. Apart from landing a severe blow to the property value, leaning structures can become a serious liability for you.
  • Leaks: Particularly susceptible to water leaking, walls and chimneys made of bricks should be treated immediately. If left unnoticed, these leaks can cause severe damage to the interior and exterior of the building and lead to mold formation. By finding the right source of the leak, we can seal cracks, use water repellent and other methods to prevent damage.
  • Structural damage: Whether by age, construction accidents, storms of vehicles, many masonry structures are regularly damaged. The extent of the damage can either be superficial or affect the integrity of the entire structure. With the right assessment and treatment from Team Cam, we can help salvage the exterior/interior.
  • Stains: Owing to the porous nature of most masonry surfaces, they are susceptible to staining, spills, chemical reactions, mold, mildew, and water saturation. Team Cam offers restoration and cleaning surfaces for all masonry surfaces.
  • Unsecured walls: Unsecured walls can often become unstable and lean away from the building only to collapse. Causing severe movements in the foundation, these walls should be secured at the earliest and you can rely on our pros to get it right.
  • Concrete damage: Driveways and walkways made from concrete suffer extreme activity from foot and vehicle traffic, ground settlement and tree roots etc that should be fixed now.
  • Chimney problems: Fireplaces and chimneys can develop a wide range of problems due to age and overuse. Prone to staining, leaning and leaking, chimneys and fireplaces should be regularly inspected by Team Cam to ensure their integrity.

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