Paint and RestorationUnderstanding the importance of maintaining the exteriors of your building, we offer complete packages that involve the A to Z of repainting and restoration.

To ensure that our efforts are of the best quality, we use state of the art cleaning equipment to remove old layers of paint and surface oxidation along with other contaminants. After we have removed the layer, we then move to prepping the surface and completing the process with multiple layers of weather resistant paint of your choice. What makes Team Cam even more popular is our flexibility, affordability and wide range of cleaning and restoration options.

Paint and Restoration

Our process

Taking pride in our experience and craftsmanship, we take multiple steps to ensure the longevity of the restoration. Using the best quality products for each step of the way, we follow a simple cleaning, painting and restoration process:

  • We start by preparing the surface by removing oxidized materials, old paints, grime and dust, debris and other undesirable contaminants. We also fix structural damage like dry rot and ensure that the surface is strong enough for the restoration.
  • We then pressure wash the exterior wall with a safe and eco-friendly detergent to get rid of grime, moss and mildew. Delicate sections of the exteriors are hand washed with care.
  • After your exteriors are dry, we scrape the old paint and smooth the surface and edges for a better finish. We then apply a bonding primer to hold the surface in place.
  • We fix caulking cracks and other exterior damages before adding a bonding primer.
  • Exterior primer is applied to bare wood.
  • Before we start, we mask all doors, windows, landscapes, walkways and shrubbery to keep the paint away. We then either roll-up, hand brush or spray the paint as necessary.
  • After multiple layers of paint have dried, we then clean up the surfaces thoroughly.
  • We place the furniture, fixtures, and other items back in place and ensure that the place is as clean as we first saw it!
  • We take care of waste storage and disposal and perform one final inspection to ensure that our work has been carried out perfectly.
Paint and Restoration

Cracked bricks and mortar

The main reason behind most damaged brick and mortar buildings is water leakage. Cracked brick and flaky mortar are common signs of water leakage. By simply waterproofing the building in the affected area, we can help preserve the strength and integrity of your building. We recommend that you have the waterproof seal reapplied every three to five years depending on the local weather and age of the building. Our professionals from Team Cam can also provide proper sealing services.

Crumbling or crackling caulking

Caulking generally refers to the component surrounding windows, frames, doors, control joints or expansion joints. Sometimes, the caulking may crack or crumble. A crack or crumble in the caulking indicates that your building is not airtight and can lead to loss in energy efficiency or increased water damage. The right type of silicone caulking can easily fix this problem and decrease your energy bills. With Team Cam’s exterior building services by your side, you can be sure that your building is functioning at its best.

Growth of algae/ moss

With enough time and moisture, the growth of algae and moss on roofs, sidewalks and buildings becomes common. Every season, we aim to contain the moss and algae growth for a number of reasons. Untreated and unchecked moss can become an injury magnet as it is very slippery and dangerous. Additionally, moss or algae growth can also affect the building structure and damage its components, leaving holed and weakened walls. A simple annual or bi-annual treatment from Team Cam can fix this problem!

Aging and unkempt look

Over time, your building may lose its polished appearance and may start looking old. To gain a competitive edge, it is important to maintain the upkeep of its exteriors. Regular window cleaning, wall coating, repainting and pressure washing can preserve the look of your property. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your building will not only protect its value, but also keep it in great condition for increased safety of its occupants.

To know more about our painting and restoration services, get in touch with Team Cam today. You can contact us through telephone or fax. You can give us a call at 888-322-9691 or use our online form.