Team Cam is a full-service commercial masonry contractor, specializing in Brick, Block, and Stonemasonry.  Our masons are considered the best in the industry, which is reflected through continued repeat business over the years. Team Cam’s customers trust and continue to embrace our craftsmanship and service which is second to none.

With decades of experience in the commercial construction industry, Team Cam continues to build a solid reputation based on quality work, cutting edge techniques, and customer service.  In this competitive commercial masonry industry, customers appreciate our bidding process as well as our ability to finish commercial projects quickly, correctly, and with integrity. In addition to service, our safety record is excellent, ensuring continued quality by overseeing all projects with hands-on daily site management. Communication on and off the job site is the cornerstone of our success, as we continue to complete projects on time, per plan, and on budget.

Team Cam offers commercial masonry restorations, repairs and maintenance services for your property, including repairs that address:


Cracks suffered by stucco, stone, and bricks are fairly common foundation problems. They can also be caused by settlement, flaw in design, deterioration, or other factors and can lead to instability if not corrected immediately. Water leakage into any masonry structure is the most common problem associated with cracking. With synthetic and traditional products, Team Cam can assist in the prevention and correction of exterior cracking.

Leaning Structures

Common masonry structures such as chimneys, stone fences, and brick columns are frequently known to settle over time. If left unchecked, they will collapse. These leaning structures can become a serious liability, not to mention, decrease property value and curb appeal.


Masonry walls and chimneys made of bricks are particularly susceptible to water leaking and should be treated immediately is suspected of leaks. Left unnoticed, these water leaks will cause severe damage to the interior and exterior of the building and most certainly will lead to mold formation—causing additional costly repair and remediation. By finding the right source of the leak, Team Cam can seal cracks, use water repellent among other methods in order to prevent further damage.

Structural Damage

It’s no surprise that masonry structures are regularly damaged—whether by age, construction accidents, storms, or by vehicle impact. The extent of the damage can either be superficial or worse, affect the integrity of the entire structure. The right assessments and treatments from Team Cam will help salvage the exterior and/or interior of your commercial property, preventing any further damage and costly repairs.


Owing to the porous nature of most masonry surfaces, they are susceptible to staining, spills, chemical reactions, mold, mildew, and water saturation. Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts that may form on brick, stone, stucco, concrete or other building surfaces causing a white/grey color change to the appearance of the surface. It is important to get the efflorescence removed from the surface. This can be done by pressure washing the surface followed by drying off the surface after in order to prevent efflorescence from reappearing. Team Cam offers restoration and cleaning services for all masonry surfaces.

Unsecured Walls

Walls that become unstable and lean away from the building—because of improperly being secured—will collapse. These walls should be secured at the earliest, to avoid causing severe movements in the foundation. The pros at Team Cam ensure that your commercial building walls are secured correctly.

Team Cam is there for commercial masonry restoration, repair, and maintenance throughout Maryland and the Baltimore/DC areas.