No matter what type of commercial building or industrial structure, surfaces with potential moisture contact should be waterproofed. Surfaces such as concrete walls, floors, balconies, and structural steel are common exterior surfaces requiring different waterproofing materials that stand up to the elements and are still flexible enough to expand and contract with varying temperatures.

Product selection is critical to defending against a variety of moisture hazards—especially in the Baltimore/DC areas. Mold and mildew can create unhealthy indoor environment issues that promote sickness and directly affect productivity. Proper waterproofing sealant application procedures carried out by our team assures that the right materials perform as expected.

Our teams perform facade restoration services and balcony repairs to mid- and high-rise properties. Whether we’re sealing the basement of your building or the brick on the exterior elevations of your commercial shopping complex, Team Cam is the right waterproofing company for the job.

Team Cam typically may apply waterproofing as an unreinforced application or reinforced system using primers, a filled waterproofing layer, surfacing, and a finish layer to protect your structure against rainfall and temperature changes without damage to the current structure or surface. A few important ways Team Cam guarantees superior competitive performance is adherence to OSHA compliant safety plans, using a full complement of in-house support staff for responsive customer communications, and the immediate ability to field any size project, especially those with strict job site protocols.

Team Cam is there when you need them for commercial waterproofing and window caulking maintenance in the Maryland and Baltimore/DC areas.