Caulking provides two beneficial purposes. The first beneficial purpose of caulking is to cosmetically enhance the appearance of a project by closing existing gaps which creates a visually smoother transition. The second (and most important) is to provide a seal between two areas or surfaces to keep water from getting into the building or, during the winter months, freezing between the two surfaces which can damage either or both of the adjacent materials.

Window Caulking and Sealant Removal or Replacement

Maximizing energy efficiency and cost savings are crucial to any commercial building owners’ bottom line. Windows, openings and expansion joints can leak your dollars out the window. Team Cam’s experts caulk windows, openings and expansion joints to provide an airtight seal. Their services include window sealant repair, building exterior caulking, expansion joint replacement, and expansion joint sealant. Their skilled team has the equipment and skills to reach the most difficult areas; from caulking one first-floor window to caulking all the expansion joints of a high rise.

Concrete Sidewalk Caulking

Our team works on replacing sidewalk caulking and has broken it down to four important steps that increase the longevity of the sidewalk caulking replacement:

  • Cut out and remove any damaged or decayed caulking within sidewalk joints
  • Recognizing the manufacturer’s specifications, clean, prime and repack all caulking joints using properly sized backer rods assuring proper widths-to-depth ratios
  • Avoiding improper 3-sided caulk joint by applying bond breaker tape where needed
  • Using a 2-part polyurethane sealant of the proper color, seal prepared joints and properly tool each joint with a dry metal pointer assuring smooth wrinkle-free bonds