Commercial fencing in the Baltimore/DC area is essential for keeping properties secure while adding value and visual appeal. Team Cam has more than a decade of experience in installing and repairing commercial fences of all materials across the Maryland and tri-county areas.

Wood Fencing for Commercial Properties

Commercial wood fencing can require some maintenance after a few years, but it can be painted with different colors and quickly refreshed. Moisture and adverse weather conditions can make wood decay quickly, but there are some preventative steps that can be taken to extend the life of a wooden fence.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a classic option offering security at an affordable cost. Team Cam can properly install and maintain fencing which will significantly increase the security of your commercial property without compromising its aesthetic appeal. Chain link fencing is a great option for commercial businesses that want to enclose an expansive area such as a school, park, or assisted living area.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl commercial fencing is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to wood or metal. With many different visual styles available, it offers various looks and requires little maintenance. The humid and rainy atmosphere of the Baltimore/DC area works well with vinyl fencing because of its ability to resist rot and adverse weather.