Metal Railing Repairs

Has your commercial property sustained damage to metalwork that requires repair or replacement? With over a decade of combined metal work experience with the knowledge and resources to handle all your metal repair needs. We handle large and small metal railing repair projects. We focus our attention on the details and meeting the expectations of our clients.

Our metal railing and metal repair experience include:

  • Welding
  • Wrought iron
  • Fence repairs
  • Pool fences
  • Gates
  • Handrails
  • Deck rails
  • Grating
  • Wire Mesh
  • Stair Treads
  • Trench drain systems
  • Metal flooring

Facade Repairs and Restoration

Facade Restoration projects can include many components. The exterior is the first thing that visitors, owners, and potential buyers notice about a building. There is no doubt that every building is going to need exterior repairs at some point during its life, but it can be difficult to achieve desired outcomes. The first steps start with accurately identifying the repairs, setting a budget, and making the repairs correctly. What makes façade repairs different from plaza, garage and other projects is the high cost of accessing the work area when lifts are involved.

Team Cam determines the amount of repair work needed while keeping the owner’s priorities in order: safety, building integrity, and aesthetics. We provide detailed exterior assessments which present ownership and commercial management with an up-close view of the exterior without having to enter through units. Not entering the units is an advantage, so as to disturb tenants or residents as little as possible. We also provide the damage and repair and restoration assessments of brick masonry, concrete, building sealants, balconies, and handrail repairs.

Team Cam performs all of the needed repair items for your building facade and has the in-house capabilities to perform every task from caulking to renovation projects. We specialize in concrete repair, masonry repair, balcony repair, caulking replacement, architectural coatings, and historic restoration—just six of the more common components of most facade restoration projects.