Commercial Power Washing Services

Never leave your commercial power washing projects to an amateur. Power washing should always be performed by a team with experience and a proven track record. Team Cam provides both experienced and reputable commercial power washing services. Our team can bring any surface back to life by using the correct methods and state-of-the-art equipment. In order to prevent etching to the surface, proper pressures and temperatures must be assured.

Team Cam uses surface scrubbers which are used to remove dirt and debris without leaving lines on concrete surfaces. Power washing wands are used for graffiti removal and equipment/furniture cleaning needs because the varying diameter of the wand tips on wands vary and are used for very specific debris removal. After scrubbing, we remove all gum. All that’s left on your property is a clean surface. Team Cam completes commercial power washing jobs of all sizes, professionally cleaning buildings, concrete, roofs, walkways, and all exterior surfaces.

Graffiti Removal Services

Commercial property managers work hard to establish positive branding and community acceptance, not to mention that of tenants, residents, clients, and customers. Team Cam’s goal is to ensure the highest quality of work and customer satisfaction for your business or commercial property by providing efficient and effective graffiti removal services at a reasonable price.

Graffiti can quickly create a negative impact and make customers or clients feel as though the property is not in a very safe area. We will assess the damage and use the best techniques to remove the graffiti from all types of surfaces. Whether the graffiti is on metal, concrete or brick, or vinyl, we will remove the markings without any damage to the property, restoring the original surfaces.