Concrete Repair and Safety

Most people may view concrete repair and restoration as somewhat of a safe, simple, and routine task since cracks or faults in concrete are commonly seen. However, this is not the case. Concrete repair is in fact a very dangerous and complicated task.

Out of the 250,000 employees involved in concrete manufacturing, 28,000 have experienced a job-related injury in the past year. There are an abundance of hazards that can be attributed to concrete manufacturing such as chemical burns from wet concrete, eye/skin/respiratory irritation from exposure to cement dust, and bodily to name a few.

Handling machinery is common with concrete repair. If using one of these machines, safety equipment must be properly worn. The immediate surrounding area must be clear of individuals in order to eliminate the risk of injury. Machinery should be in top condition, properly maintained, and handled by experienced operators.

That’s why concrete repair and restoration are not tasks that should be taken on by an individual or company that is not experienced. With cost-effective concrete slab installation and repair, Team Cam is your go-to provider for all your concrete projects. Learn more about all of our concrete services

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