front view of an orange snow plug working on a city street

During winter, Team Cam provides snow removal for business owners in the Baltimore/DC areas. We know that quick snow removal is critical. Offering professional snow management services, we have the right equipment and technicians to finish the job with ease, and on time. Operators are available on an as-needed basis or by contract, depending on your needs. In order to be best prepared for inclement weather, make sure to have a plan in place before bad weather strikes.

Team Cam snow removal and management services include:

  • Clearing and Hauling Snow
    • Team Cam’s arsenal of snow removal equipment includes a large group of commercial-grade pushers, snowplows, and other snow removal equipment that can handle even the harshest of winter storms. Apart from our routine snow removal service and disposal services, we also offer emergency and contingency solutions for unexpected blizzards and snow-related natural disasters.
  • Cleaning and Clearing Sidewalks
    • Our well-trained and experienced snow removal crew members and state of the art equipment ensures that your sidewalk remains clean and safe, even after a torrential snowstorm.
  • De-Icing
    • Our plowing process includes the use of pre-wetted salt that works faster and more effectively during winter, even when the temperatures are very cold. Additionally, we also have tanker trucks that can effectively and evenly spread de-icing products onto the surface for further safety. With the right combination of salt and calcium chloride, we arrive prepared.

If you’d like more information on our snow removal rates, to find out more about our snow removal services, or setup a comprehensive plan for your commercial property, contact us today by phone at 443-960-8276 to schedule an appointment and speak with one of our snow removal experts.