Commercial Exterior Painting Projects

Commercial exterior painting can create the opportunity to stand out from other businesses. Whether it is a commercial office building, private garage, medical facility, school, industrial facility, or a commercial shopping mall, Team Cam takes pride in assisting clients with changing their surroundings with exterior projects.

We specialize in long-lasting, high-quality work—achieved through an adequate time spent prepping and the final application process. As an example, Team Cam first power-washes all commercial building surfaces before painting, then ensures that each commercial facility is provided ample exterior surface prep time for scraping, sanding, or caulking that it needs. We predominantly provide the Roll-and-Brush method which involves rolling-and-brushing paint onto the building surfaces. This ensures maximum coverage and consistent longevity on the exposed surfaces. We also have specialized crews to offer spraying and back brushing. The most effective and consistent spray method performance is to back brush—behind all areas that get sprayed.