Team Cam recognizes that parking garages have a lot of traffic – both vehicle & foot traffic – and that can quickly deteriorate surfaces. Team Cam has been providing flooring and painting services for commercial parking structures for more than a decade. Since parking structures are high-use buildings, any repairs and downtime have to be kept at a minimum. Repairing these surfaces demand an experienced painting contractor like Team Cam who knows how to prepare the surfaces and apply the appropriate coatings in a quick, timely and efficient manner.

Color coding is essential on a multi-level parking structure to assist people with remembering parking locations when trying to find their vehicle. Team Cam can help you decide on a color-coding scheme for each level that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional with visually pleasing signage. Elevator bays, foyers, and parking garage stairwells are areas that also suffer a considerable amount of wear and tear on a daily basis. Team Cam repairs and even resurfaces these sections with long-lasting coating systems that add longevity to your parking structure.  Doors, windows, signage, handrails, and stairs are all part of our commercial painting expertise and scope.

Team Cam professionals typically apply an epoxy coating for an appealing and functional surface to parking garages and parking structure flooring, . Consumer walkway striping, vehicle line striping, and parking space numbering should be consistently applied throughout your garage, providing for visitor safety and ease of navigation. Team Cam provides commercial garage painting and complete sealing services, including:

  • Careful planning to minimize visitor inconvenience and downtime
  • Extensive knowledge of surface preparation, primer, and coatings application and removal
  • Coatings knowledge and application experience
  • Trained and cost-effective job-site craftspeople
  • Concrete painting and coatings
  • Structural steel and pipe painting
  • Safety markings and striping
  • Corrosion structural protection
  • Concrete crack repair
  • Safe-working conditions and training for confined spaces and specialty coatings applications
  • Continuous communication on progress and coatings outcomes
  • Customer service support 24/7 from Team Cam field supervisors
  • Local company headquarters for immediate service and field inspections

If your commercial property requires commercial garage painting and sealing services, or you need a commercial garage painting and sealing services evaluation, call Team Cam at 443-960-8276 for a free estimate. Team Cam is there when you need them for commercial garage painting and sealing services in Maryland and the Baltimore/DC areas.