Commercial Interior Painting Projects

Team Cam provides high-quality commercial interior painting services which may substantially change a commercial or facility building environment. Repairing damaged drywall and repainting interior walls, wooden trim, and textured ceilings impact the look and feel of an entire space. Interior painting is one of the easiest ways to update a space which always makes it feel new, bright, and ready to customize. We assist our clients in changing their interior textures and finishes, from commercial office building interiors to hospital facilities, and from senior living facilities to hotel lobbies or rooms, to retail and commercial store environments.

Team Cam schedules your commercial project soon after the details of your project are finalized—in the estimated time frame that conveniently works into your schedule without disruption to your regular business day. Throughout the entire commercial painting project, Team Cam will professionally provide their services in a manner that respects you, your business operations, or your commercial property until the project is completed.

White Box and White Box Construction

When a commercial real estate has a completed, but unfinished or minimally finished interior, it is known as a ‘White Box’. Once the lease agreement has been negotiated and executed, the ‘white box’ is ready for tenant improvements which are to be completed before the tenant moves into the leased space. This type of construction is ideal for commercial owners who need to quickly incorporate a new tenant to their property—building out the ‘white box’ to the new tenant requirements. The owner strategy is that the next tenant will be presented with a shell space—minimally build out—that they can quickly convert into virtually anything or any space they desire.

Though the finished project may seem like the bare minimum, the process required to achieve this state is far from it.  All components of the space must be up to code and ready for a new interior tenant build out. Additionally, typically a building permit and other licenses are required, depending upon the jurisdiction of the space.

Although we may think of the space as “unfinished,” there are still important requirements for a completed white box, such as:

  • Basic lighting
  • Hot water
  • Restrooms and drinking fountain
  • Building permits
  • Required licenses
  • Exterior walls
  • Doors and windows
  • Roof and basic ceiling
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Access/escape for elevator and stairs
  • Any other code requirements