Parking Deck Painting

Over time, parking garage concrete may become damaged through prolonged exposure to weather and outside elements despite being built for decades. Lines and arrows painted on the floors will always fade with day-in and day-out vehicle traffic. Fortunately, combating against this normal wear and tear is as simple as choosing the right floor coatings system and the company that has the experience to apply it, like Team Cam. Choosing the finish that outlasts other finishes and coatings will make keep your parking garage resurfacing deck safe, functional, and in high-performance condition.

Team Cam crews will work the hours necessary so that your parking garage is completed on time and with the least inconvenience to your customers. Included in Team Cam’s portfolio of specialties include line striping, elastomeric or waterproofing coatings, and rust inhibitive paint. Team Cam’s commercial and industrial painters have applied waterproofing applications, traffic and anti-skid coatings, and parking deck informational signage for many large parking structures in Maryland and in the tri-county area. Team Cam is also familiar with various parking garage systems including steel frame, post-tensioned, and precast structures. Our team knows the best way to paint and repair your commercial parking garage by utilizing the help of an assigned project manager as well as the knowledge of our engineers and craftsmen.

Wall Coatings and Undercoating

From tenant improvements and new construction to remodeling office space, Team Cam is committed to delivering excellent commercial professional painting knowledge and skills to our valued clients on commercial painting projects. Team Cam also believes that knowing the right specialty coating—for the right surface in the right environment—is the only way to deliver a quality commercial painting project. Team Cam uses only the highest quality of paint to deliver coatings that fit your requirements and unique demands for your commercial business. Commercial painting projects are only complete with a quality coating that ensures durability and longevity for your surfaces.

Specialty wall coatings can be functional or purely decorative. These coatings can also cover the entire surface of the structure or wall or merely just a part or fraction of the surface. Functional coatings protect against cohesion, adhesion and wear resistance. The manner of application for these coating, such as the thickness of the coating may dictate the manner or type of decorative application. The area of coverage for the coating may contribute to covering extensive or minor damage or, perhaps a fresh new coating is just the new look for your commercial business.