Bollards, Traffic and Security Barriers, and Columns

Bollards are a prominent, universally recognizable deterrent that effectively delineates boundaries, limits unwanted access and safeguards traffic areas. Specially shaped bollards can add security and aesthetic appeal to any setting. When traffic barriers are made of concrete, their longevity and durability are ideal for parking lots, road construction, closing roads, airports, stadiums, schools, government buildings, military bases, parks, and recreation areas. The more visually attractive barriers can be round or cylinder-shaped bollards and are typically constructed of steel rebar encased in concrete to provide a strong appearance and help guide traffic flow.

Team Cam’s pre-cast concrete security barriers can control traffic and enhance public safety, which is a number-one priority for many government and corporate institutions.

ADA Compliant Ramps

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that public spaces provide access to all visitors, which usually includes the installation of a wheelchair ramp. Failing to meet these guidelines will result in steep fines and increased construction costs later in an effort to bring your commercial building into code. We have over a decade of experience in installing commercial concrete ramps that are ADA compliant, meeting full compliance in the most cost-efficient manner possible. We also cover all aspects of the project, including ADA compliant ramp markings, slope requirements, railings, and many other ADA needs.

Concrete Curbs and Gutters

Commercial concrete sidewalks, curbs, and gutters in the Baltimore/DC areas need to be constructed in accordance with specifications and conformity of the lines, grades, dimensions, materials and finishing requirements of not only the property owners and management but also the state and local code requirements. Your commercial building has a large amount of foot traffic and vehicles entering and exiting your premises every day. The condition of your commercial parking lot, sidewalks, walkways, curbs and exterior of your building represents how you present your brand and services to your visitors.

A clean and well-kept exterior offers a warm, welcoming entrance, where one in disarray with potholes, crumbling curbs, cracked sidewalks, and faded parking space lines portray a lack of value for your visitors. In addition to appearance, safety is of concern regarding the exterior of your building, specifically your concrete curbs and walks. Concrete sidewalks and curbs over time will heave or settle, causing a rise or a depression between joints. Left untreated, the un-level pavement can result in trip and fall hazards for pedestrians.

If it’s time to replace or repair your concrete curbs or sidewalks to keep up with your exterior building maintenance, please look to Team Cam’s services. The team at Team Cam has the experience, equipment, and crew to complete the construction project in a timely manner, for a cost-efficient rate.

Dock High Ramps

Team Cam is full of experts at constructing concrete docking areas for trucks and other freight carriers that are safe and durable and allow items and freight to be moved easily. With this experience, the team’s contractors can confidently create an array of concrete loading docking ramps to your exact specifications, keeping your business on track with the least amount of disruption possible.

Truck Dock Wells

Efficient, well-constructed concrete loading docks are essential for many businesses to function smoothly every day. Team Cam is able to ensure that every detail of your concrete loading dock project is completed according to the highest standards of quality, ensuring that ample space has been included and there are no problems in the concretes fabrication.

Concrete Floor and Spall Repair

A concrete spall is a delaminated or fractured section of concrete which may have varying depths and dimensions. Spalling is where the top layer of the installation flakes away, leaving the surface patchy and pitted while exposing the concrete aggregate underneath. If you ignore the signs of spalling, it may eventually lead to a spreading of the decay. This may in turn compromise the integrity of the surface until it is beyond repair, leaving no recourse but to remove it entirely and start over—at a high cost and large inconvenience to consumer traffic to your property.

It is important to understand what has caused the spall to determine the correct repair method. Our team repairs spalls on concrete structures in order to maintain concrete durability, prevent reinforcing steel corrosion, and maintain monolithic integrity for structural strength and to extend service life. During repair, all delaminated loose debris at spalls are removed, square cuts are made outside margins in a rectangular shape to mechanically roughen the concretes surface to receive structural repair mortar. Concrete repair services at Team Cam provide quick and economical solutions for repairing, resurfacing and/or rebuilding cracked, spalled, or damaged concrete surfaces in both industrial and commercial environments.

If your commercial property requires concrete services, or you need a commercial safety concrete evaluation, Team Cam can help.