Commercial Excavation

When your company is in the process of a major development or expansion, an environmental cleanup will probably be necessary. It’s also possible that your pipes and lines may require an extensive repair. Whatever the reason, contact Team Cam for your commercial excavation services project. Since this is typically outside normal operating services, most businesses will experience difficulty in learning what type of company to hire. Excavation services involve more than just moving dirt around and any excavation work must be done quickly, efficiently and safely.

Commercial excavation typically includes using heavy equipment – in addition to excavators, which may also include backhoes, front end loaders, bulldozers, tractors, and steam shovels. Site preparation and planning is required before any work is initiated; commercial site work and excavation involves working with site engineers to ensure that the soil and land can support your foundation and structure.

Securing Your Building Foundation

The biggest part of the construction is digging. In any construction project, you’ll require the services of an excavation expert to make sure the land can support your planned foundation. This is important whether you are planning an addition to your current structure, a foundation for a new building, performing a specific type of site work, or a demolition project with current structures.

Trench Shoring

The engineering and construction process of strengthening the walls of a trench to prevent collapse is called trench shoring. Since a majority of your plumbing system is located underground and there are dozens of types of trench boxes, expertise and precision is essential. Underground utility installation and servicing a septic system are two of the most common reasons for this kind of excavation service. It’s vital to hire a top-quality excavation company to handle it properly who will use the right equipment and prevent injury to other parts of your commercial property.

Damaged Pipes

If the water line to your building stops working, it might require excavation services to repair it. This will ensure that crews can access the affected line without causing further damage. Excavation could also be necessary for small demolition jobs where water pipes have to be installed.

Utility Work and Site Preparation

Team Cam’s utility crews specialize in the construction and installation of utilities in commercial & industrial developments, as well as Maryland municipal utility and street reconstruction projects. Our crews work closely with local service providers to ensure quality installation with minimal service interruption. We provide pipeline and conduit installation for municipal utilities, as well as detention and control systems for stormwater. Our team not only provides excavation and utility services for private developers, but we also are known for our experienced utility services with commercial projects, municipalities, and government agencies.

Ask about our experience with utility projects including large and small municipal sewer & water reconstructs and new subdivisions, installing underground utility services for sanitary sewer systems, water distribution systems, storm drainage systems, and hundreds of road reconstructs. Site utilities may include:

  • Domestic water mains and utility services
  • Storm sewer systems and trench drains
  • Sanitary sewer systems mains, laterals, and associated equipment
  • Manholes and catch basins
  • Pump stations (lift stations)
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Drainage systems
  • Box culverts
  • Storm water management and bio-retention ponds

Contact Team Cam if your site work requires construction excavation, demolition, or utility work, or you need a commercial excavation, demolition, or emergency utility work evaluation.