Commercial Drainage Services

Excess water on a commercial property can damage your foundation and create health and safety issues. To combat this issue, a seepage pit installed may need to be installed. This entails the services of a licensed excavation professional. Team Cam has experience with troubleshooting commercial drainage issues. Those issues might involve street water, stormwater damage, or trench drainage systems. Team Cam can also provide ground and land drainage, surface drainage systems, rain water drainage, seepage pit installation, and standing water drainage.

Storm, Trench Drains, and drain catch basin repairs

Parking structures displace a large amount of rainfall that is not able to soak naturally into the soil. The more surface area used the more rainfall that needs to be redirected. Drainage systems for these structures remove stormwater quickly and efficiently so that there is minimal impact on vehicle and pedestrian traffic as well as the surrounding environment.

The principal uses of storm basins (also referred to as catch basins) are to collect pavement runoff, acting as a junction for the storm drain system. This is best achieved by constructing with the sump below the pipe invert. The sump collects sediment and debris entering the catch basin through the grate inlet. The collected material is usually removed by using a Vactor truck, or by hand. Storm basins often need to be adjusted to ensure the proper pitch for drainage. Team Cam can remove the storm basin and excavate as deep as is necessary to perform the adjustment.

Storm Basin Installation

In some cases, there is no proper drainage in a parking lot. Team Cam installs new Storm basin as a possible solution in these cases. If there is a place to tie in the drain pipes, or a place to let the water runoff, then a storm basin can be installed in the lot. The proposed area is excavated as needed and a new concrete superstructure is installed.

Contact Team Cam today for more information and a free estimate for your commercial property. Team Cam is there when you need them for commercial drainage, storm basin or trench drain installations in Maryland and the Baltimore/DC areas.