Stormwater facilities repair

When damage occurs to your aboveground BMP and/or surrounding devices, regulations require that you, the property owner, restore the stormwater system to its original design. Failure to restore the damages will certainly lead to a failed annual inspection, or even worse, a severe storm event may lead to catastrophic environmental damage event.  Stormwater facilities damage repair may range from just minor erosion solutions to projects that include large-scale remediation projects.

Bio-retention Pond Installation

Bioretention pond areas, or rain gardens, are stormwater management features adapted to provide on-site treatment of stormwater runoff. Bio-retention ponds are commonly situated in within small pockets of residential land uses or parking lot islands with surface runoff directed into shallow, landscaped depressions.

These landscaped depressions are designed to integrate many pollutant-removal systems that operate organically in forested ecosystems. During large rainstorms, water runoff is diverted past the facility to the stormwater drainage systems. The remaining stormwater runoff filters through the organic mulch and prepared soil mixes. As an alternative system, the filtered runoff could also be collected in a perforated underdrain and returned to the storm drain system.

It’s important business. Team Cam considers all manner of elements when crafting Bioretention solutions. Factors integrated into the plan include regional applicability, stormwater hotspots, cold-water streams, drainage areas, topography, pretreatment, maintenance reduction, and finished landscaping.

If your site work requires stormwater management, drainage, and stormwater repair, or storm waste management installations, or you need stormwater, drainage, or surface drainage repair evaluation, contact Team Cam today for more information.