Parking lot lighting maintenance can become a hassle for commercial building owners and property managers. Keeping up with energy costs, municipal lighting codes, and safety concerns are all factors that come into play when determining which lighting options are best. Yellow HID lights have long been the standard solution for parking lot lights. However, this parking lot lighting transformation at a car dealership may prove otherwise. If you haven’t upgraded to LED lighting for your parking lot, it may be time to consider doing so.

Not only does a well-lit parking lot provide customers with a feeling of safety, there are multiple other benefits to making the switch as well.

• LED lights are highly energy efficient, which means they use 75% less energy than incandescent lighting.

• The lifespan of an LED can last two to four times longer than most fluorescent bulbs.

• LEDs also perform well in any type of temperature—hot or cold weather climates.

• LED lighting can be manipulated to your liking. Meaning you can brighten, dim, cut down on glare, and more.

• LEDs are easy to retrofit for existing commercial or industrial HID light fixtures.

LED lights have become much more affordable for business owners as it has become an increasingly popular choice when it comes to meeting parking lot lighting needs. Stop wasting time, money and resources on inefficient HID lights that don’t properly illuminate your parking lot. LEDs are the clear choice for reducing overall costs, keeping visitors safe, and all around improving the quality of your parking lot lighting. Contact Team Cam today to find out how we can replace your existing HID lights with new-and-improved LEDs.