Inexpensive and convenient, waterproofing can extend the life of your commercial property and potentially save you thousands of dollars in damages as well as add significant property value.

No matter the type of commercial building or industrial structure, surfaces with potential moisture contact should be waterproofed. Concrete walls, floors, balconies, and structural steel are common exterior surfaces requiring different waterproofing materials. These materials must protect the structure as well as stand up to the elements while still remaining flexible enough to expand and contract with varying temperatures.

Whether we’re sealing the basement of your building or the brick on the exterior elevations of your commercial shopping complex, Team Cam is the right waterproofing company for the job. To create a strong sense of security as a commercial property owner, waterproofing is a must. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is protected is important and you can relax knowing that you are saving yourself from costly repairs and frustration down the road.

Team Cam also guarantees that our superior competitive performance adheres to OSHA compliant safety plans, using a full complement of in-house support staff for responsive customer communications, and the immediate ability to field any size project, especially with strict job site protocols.

Sealing any damaged or missing joints will ensure a strong waterproof barrier. Because sealant materials degrade and crack over time, there is a large chance for water to eventually intrude. As moisture finds its way into crevices, it will gain ground through the seasons’ freeze and thaw cycle. As a leading commercial waterproofing company, Team Cam can cut out the old sealant and install the correct sealant for your particular need.

If you are looking for an experienced and reputable commercial waterproofing company, make Team Cam your first call. We can help with projects big or small to make sure you are covered in many areas including but not limited to waterproofing, window caulking, and expansion joint replacement services.

Team Cam is there when you need us for commercial waterproofing and window caulking maintenance in the Maryland and Baltimore/DC areas.